Intercourse Express

Express sex is the art of the quickie when there is no time and but plenty of reckless sexually energy, it’s like a freight train coming at you full speed. But to prevent the train, going off the rails you need to enforce speed limits, protect track workers, and keep the train from running through a misaligned switch.

The quickie comes into its own for totally exhilarating and invigorating sex that will turbocharge your libido. If you fantasize about wild, passionate sex and throwing caution to the wind, here’s how to make it happen. Skillful fast sex is raunchy, rude and incredibly satisfying, a fun-filled quickie may be just what you need to kick-start your sex life and keep your partner hooked.

Which is why “quickies” are not optional; there are God damn necessary, as they can throw you back to memories of honeymoon sex that you never forget “all the sex after is mostly forgotten.”

Two plan or not to plan

There are two types of quickies… the sneak attack planned quickie by one of the partners and the spur-of-the-moment unplanned quickie. Both quench of each other’s sexual lust, making them equally satisfying and rewarding! The planned quickie gives one partner a thrill of being involved in having sex unexpectedly and the unplanned quicky delivers inhibited sex in forbidden locations that adds the element of sexual excitement, where the enthusiasm and thrill captures an exotic memory that you don’t forget.

The build-up

The build-up happens in both the planned and unplanned quickies. For the unplanned quickie the build-up could last for just seconds. Example… your partner is dressed in their work uniform (nothing turns a girl on more than a man wearing a tool belt) and you kiss them as they are walking out the door; but the kiss does not stop and you give in to lust then the quickie happens.

The planned quickie could be meeting your partner for lunch, but there is no lunch just your car with the back seats folded down and some bedding. This is also a surprise quickie as you have been messaging them and saying that they are” going to get it tonight,” they will never guess it was moved forward to the middle of the day!

Though your encounter will be a brief one, take your time to get yourself and partner aroused with some teasing and flirtation beforehand, use the Sexty app to send your partner messages and Sexty Puzzle Pic’s in the lead up to the quickie.

Locations for quickie sex

The quickie is the mutual uncontrolled spontaneity of sex and the location adds the extra dynamic. The “gotta-have-you-now,” can happen anywhere any time, in the sand dunes, in the park, in the bathroom room at your friend’s house party, in a car, in a pool, on the roof (yes, it’s been done!) intercourse on the intercity, in fact any you can do it in any secluded place. Don’t be blind to the fact that sex can happen almost anywhere… as one female squirrel said to another, even a blind squirrel can find a hand full of acorns.  


If you have time, you can start off by giving your partner oral and then climb on top for a wild ride. Doggy style and stand and deliver positions are generally accepted as the faster way to get the party started and come to an orgasm. They are practically designed for quickie sex as the penetration is deep for both of you.

Dress for access

There is no time to get undress and dress when having a quickie, wearing a dress or skirt you can quickly lift up and move your panties for access or better still, no panties at all is my recommendation.

Lube up before the quickie really gets going

Regardless of whether your quickie sex was planned or not, one thing’s for sure, when it happens everything’s going to go down fast, so having a small tube of lubricant will make it more comfortable if you need it.

Stop the train from derailing

Even the driver of a freight train knows when to slow the down as your partner may derail and split his load just before you get the green light to go to your destination, an express orgasm. So, tell the driver to slow down, so you can get both get to your destination, if not! He owes you an orgasm.       


There is no single ‘right way’ to have sex, as everyone has their preferences, the place and pace will be related to sexual satisfaction. Most people desire a combination of both, fast and intense along with slow and relaxed.

Your mood, and both being mindful of each other’s preferences works best to arouse and together come to orgasm, but communicating is the real key.

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