How the Sexty App works

Sexty does take a few minutes to verify your phone number, choose a pin number, an Sexty avatar and send an invite to your partner. But once your partner accepts your invitation you both are automatically connected to the Sexty App digital platform that’s dedicated to sexting! You will have access to thousands of pre-written Sexty messages, self-destruct pictures and Sexty’s very naughty emoji’s


How to register and set up a Sexty account

Note: that you can register without a partner but functions are limited.

Download the Sexty app for free

Download Sexty or Secret Sexty and register to recieve Bundle one for free, the PWA for IOS is coming soon

Secret Sexty

Secret Sexty is the same as Sexty, but designed not to be found by anyone trolling through your phone. And if opened a loud siren and warning is broadcast to shock and panic the troll

Terms and Conditions

Read some info on Sexty’s functions, read the T&C’s and tick the box.

Set up Chat and Pin number

Enter your phone number, choose and confirm a pin number, enter a nick name (up to six digit’s) sex and chat type. Single Sexty locks your profile to one other partner only.

Verify your phone number

Verify that you are who you say you are; Enter your phone number and wait for a text, enter the 6 digit number and you will be forwarded to the next line.

Choose your avatar

To those people that have signed up in multiple Sexty, your avatar and nick name are the only details that are known to each other. Single Sexty is for couples that can screen any unwanted invites.

Your in!

Your avatar name and image is confirmed and you are now free to invite others to the Sexty Chat Portal for some amusing fun.

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Getting started

Now that you are now registered you can start inviting your partner/partners and send, receive and reply to Sexty’s

Pin Access

Entering your pin for the first time will take you to the landing screen.

Landing screen

The first time you log on to this screen you will have no partners. Slide out the left screen and go to Manage your Sexty... Add a new Sexty partner and invite.

Add new Sexty partner

Insert your partner’s phone number and tap send. Note that your partner will only see the last 3 digits of your phone number.

Your partner’s app download

Your partner will receive the message pictured and they will find a link to download the app. Once they are registered they can accept your invitation code.

Accepting an invitation

You may also have a partner send you an invitation code, enter it and confirm.

Invite accepted

Your partner will receive a confirmation message and now you are both linked into Sexty Data Space with access to thousands of Sexty’s.

A word from Alexa

Is sexting a natural step in human sexual evolution? An important read on the solution to revenge porn and pressure porn and the ways to safeguard your social and digital reputation.

New landing screen

You will now find that you have a new landing screen from which you can navigate to the Data Space and Chat Room. A single partner can go straight to Sexty Data Space, and start sending Sexty’s; but if you have multiple partners in Sexty, you will need to slide left to select a partner before sending a Sexty.

Multiple partners

For multiple partners Sexty has separate screens for each partner, in Sexty Partners tap their avatar and you can view all Sexty’s sent and received, and by tapping Data Space you can send Sexty’s to that Avatar. If two partners have the same avatar the identifier is their nickname.

Sexty Data Space

All Sexty’s are in the Data Space; there are 1-8 bundles and each bundle has 6 categories with Sexty Chat being the main category as it has twice as many Sexty’s and has multiple choice replies. Each category displays the number of Sexty's that you have left to send in that category; PR&T = Poems,Rhythms and Truths.

Select and send a Sexty

Once you have selected a category and selected a Sexty, tap the message and you will go to the
Chat Room where you can view your Chat History and add an emoji and send the Sexty.

Sexty Chat Room

In the Chat room you will see your messages, and you can send and reply to messages, add emoj’s. Send normal text messages, bring up history, go to Data Space to send more messages and go to Puzzle Pics.

Replying to a Sexty

When a Sexty is received it is shown on the Chat Room screen and to reply just tap the reply tab on the tool bar and the original Sexty and the reply will come up on a pop up screen. Just tap the message and the reply will be sent. Note that you cannot add emoji’s in replies as Sexty’s are high-speed and this takes up time.

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App functions

Manage your partners, discover links and get more out of sending your Sexty’s

Managing your Sexty

This screen allows you to add more bundles, view and remove partners, add partners, edit your profile and also allows you to share a download of the Sexty app for which you will receive a new bundle for free.


Connects you to support and other Sexty features.


Loads a new set of Sexty’s with bonuses like extra emoji’s.


As Sexty can send Sexty’s so fast to multiple partners, it can become unclear to what message went where. Sexty clears all messages when you log out, and you can simply bring them back for each partner when you log back in . History is Sexty’s damage control gate keeper.


Sexty can also send and receive normal text messages where you can add Sexty emoji’s and Puzzle Pics.

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Puzzle Pic’s

Puzzle Pic’s is a feature that is only available on the Sexty app and normal pictures can not be sent on Sexty

Capture image or view gallery

Captured images can be reviewed and sent immediately and are also automatically saved the your Sexty gallery.

Reviewing your image

Your image can be viewed as how the puzzle has to go together. Once your partner has completed the puzzle, all the lines disappear and the image changes from low to high definition.

Your Sexty gallery

Only you have access to your Sexty gallery
as you must enter your pin number to open the app where your Puzzle pics are stored in your own secure library of Sexty photo’s, that can be quickly selected and sent, without disturbing the mood while sexting.

Sending a Puzzle Pic

Press send from the previous screen and you will be automatically taken to the Chat Room where you’re pic is sent.

The other end

The receiver gets a pile of pieces which they have to put together before your image can be viewed and saved to their gallery.

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