Is sexting a natural step in human sexual evolution?

The old days of you show me yours and I’ll show you mine has long since dissipated into a careless memory, but not a memory you ever forget! Historically …

The psychology of sexting

So why is sexting so much fun? Well, it’s actually scientific. It doesn’t just lighten your load mentally; it improves your mood, makes you feel happier and …

Is sex really that important?

As more and more research is done on the subject, it’s becoming clearer that having healthy sex is essential to a healthy life. Sex can even help you to live longer …

How to seduce like Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt and a legendary seductress. Queen Cleopatra was born in 69BC and had two great loves in her life: Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony

Intercourse Express

Express sex is the art of the quickie when there is no time and but plenty of reckless sexually energy, it’s like a freight train coming at you full speed. But to prevent the train, going off the rails