About Sexty

With a name like Sexty what else could it be about!

In today’s fast paced lifestyle people find it hard to have the time and enthusiasm, for some sexy fun, with sex often treated as a “separate entity” that belongs in the bedroom. Many messaging apps are used for sexting, with the messages containing a basic text and crude pictures.

Sexty as the name suggests is the first digital platform dedicated to sexting! Because it is a dedicated sexting app, it’s loaded with unheard of functions and features including; the world’s largest pre-written database of sexting messages, Sexty avatars protecting your identity, reverse self-destruct pictures. Plus Chris and Stella; Sexty’s very own and very naughty emoji’s and Alex Colorado’s Sexty blog.

Foreplay sexting apps Sexty

Fast foreplay… Sexty is fast  

Sexty doesn’t have any speed bumps; it’s all fast lane foreplay as you do not have to write anything, Sexty gives you access to a large resource of scripted Sexty messages and their replies. Sexty’s database of sexting messages has multiple choice answers’ to messages and is set out in six different categories of Sexty messages to choose from. So it’s select and send digital arousal that keeps sex on your mind all day. So the time for Sexty time is any time!

Foreplay sexting apps Sexty

The anonymity of Sexty Avatars

Sexty’s avatars let you choose an alter ego which is a graphical representation that expresses your sexy personality and fantasies, and eliminates the anxiety and awkwardness that can come with sexting and gives you a degree of self-confidence that brings out the playful seduction animal in you.

Girls like bananas Sexty

Reverse self-destruct pictures

Sexty is not about, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours; it’s more about the messages than the pictures. The pictures sent on Sexty arrive destroyed and the only way to view them is to re-construct them before being saved, or they become terminal memories. You can keep a library of Sexty photos in your phone, which you can send quickly, without disrupting the mood while you’re Sexting.

Erotic hot lips Sexty

Multi layered Protection

Sexty is a secure closed loop app; meaning you can only send messages to partner’s that are registered with Sexty, that you invite or that invited you to Sexty. And you are further protected by your own pin number and the anonymity of an avatar.

Erotic Avatars- Sexty

RIP. Eggplant and Peaches as now theirs Sexty Emoji’s

Sexty’s emoji’s are unique in that, they have their own identities. Stella and Chris are a couple and they live in the app where they, share their naughty romps with you, butt in on your conversations and generally cause chaos in the app.

Naughty Avatars- Sexty

Sexty’s Blog

Alex Colorado’s blog is a sexy and informative read with titles such as. Is sexting a natural step in human sexual evolution? The psychology of sexting. Is sex that important? And how to seduce like Cleopatra.

You are mistaken

So if you think you are downloading the Sexty App just to send some tit/dick pic’s, think again as Sexty is an immersive multi- functional app that sets new standards of sexual flirting and foreplay,  that will keep you entertained all day.

Adult Avatars- Sexty